Evolution Hose

Looking for an Integrated Hose Management Solution? Need competency in Hose Management?

Full TRACEABILITY is key to the success of efficient hose management and is fundamental in the offshore industry where a validation process must be maintained in order for your company to fully comply with insurance, audit and health & safety obligations for all site pressure hoses.

Evolution Hose performs visual inspections, registration and tagging of flexible hoses according to internal company procedures as well as the international industry guidelines for the management of flexible hoses by authorities such as Oil & Gas UK and UK Energy Institute. We create a hose registry that complies with industry requirements. After accidents in the industry, more focus is on the management of flexible hoses.
This has resulted in increased regulations and requirements from authorities and oil companies.

All available master data is collected from the technical documentation provided by the customer. This is followed by physical inspection and verification on the marine, subsea & topside assets, including tagging (applying tag plates/RFID chips), identification and replacement of defect hoses, and registration of items that are missing on technical drawings and in documentation.

Our services include performing criticality analysis of the hoses based on specifications from the customer (safety, production, environment, cost), preparing work packs, creating task lists and maintenance items etc. Our engineers can create specific hose management drawings (P&ID drawings) identifying maintainable items, thereby simplifying the maintenance planning procedure.

Benefits of the Evolution approach:

  • Optimal data quality, ensuring good traceability and documentation
  • Asset integrity, reliability and compliance
  • Keep track of certificates and manufacturer documentation
  • Reduce cost by avoiding vendor locking to hose manufacturers/suppliers